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About Kindilan

about-kindilan-01We understand the value of educator and child relationships and the way we promote this is by having higher staff to child ratios than are required in the regulations.

Highly qualified and experienced educators care for the children whilst instilling a love of learning, within an emergent program.

The centre is based in 2 buildings and has 4 different rooms to cater for the specific age groups, each with their own outdoor play environments.

Kindilan has many policies and procedures to ensure the safety and well-being of the children, staff and families, who utilise the service. Family and community involvement are highly valued and promoted to ensure positive relationships, and a sense of security and stability for all children.

Our Philosophy

Education’s greatest impact occurs not in the formal lessons taught but in creating a  climate in which children are encouraged to care about themselves and others as well as their environment. Promotion of healthy, sustainable environments where educators, children and families learn and share ideas about creating an environmentally friendly education and care service are a priority. The early childhood years are viewed as not only preparation for life but for the present moment. Educators take a holistic approach to their professional practice, paying attention to the children’s physical, personal, social, emotional and spiritual well being.

Kindilan provides a nurturing atmosphere in which these and other virtues are learned by example and through the children’s play experiences. Thus families, educators and community all play an active, cohesive role in a child’s early years journey of belonging, being and becoming.

Children are never too young to learn how to treat one another with kindness, compassion, respect and tolerance. We view children with an attitude of respect and understanding allowing them to develop at their own pace and to assert their own independence. They are valued as aware, competent, curious, creative, enthusiastic and exploring  individuals.

about-kindilan-02A child’s family is viewed with the utmost importance, as they are a child’s source of security, stability, sense of worth and cultural background. Our quality child care service provides a strong support role for families, with staff and families working together in  partnerships based on trust and open communication, being flexible and responsive to emerging family and community issues.

Our curriculum focuses on positive outcomes for all children, families and the environment. It is inclusive of children with additional needs, families and staff with culturally diverse backgrounds, differing socioeconomic and diverse family structures. We are committed to The National Quality Framework which aims to raise quality and drive continuous improvement and consistency in education and care, through ongoing, reflective practice and planning, implementation and evaluation. With this in mind we can provide all children with the opportunity to reach their full potential in life.


Meals are provided, catering to the different age groups with nutritionally balanced cultural menus prepared by trained cooks. We are also able to provide some gluten free and vegetarian meals on some days. Breakfast is provided until 7:30am, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and vegetable snacks later on in the day.

To Enrol

All families are asked to complete and return the attached waiting list form below with requested documentation before enrolment, which is based on governmental guidelines of priority of access. You can return these via fax, email, mail or in person.

If you would like to look around our beautiful Centre before enrolment, please ring us to make an appointment.

This form is also available in electronic form here.

The Program

Learning occurs through the Centre’s Emergent programming, which focuses on the children’s strengths, interests and individual development. Respect, kindness and compassion are integral to all interactions and reflected in all experiences and environments provided.

Our “school readiness” program literally occurs at all times in all rooms. However, a more structured program is provided in our 4-5yr room aimed at preparing children for the demands of school.

Performances and visitors from the community, in addition to excursions organised for the older children, are incorporated into the learning program.